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Abdulla Al Madani Trading Co. is a company established in 1991 by the Patel family, in Abu Dhabi.When the idea of establishing a trading company in U.A.E. was conceived, Abu Dhabi was but a small trading port, albeit boasting the largest souk on the coast. It was the vision conceptualized by Mr. P.D.Patel then, which has brought AAMTC to high levels of growth and sustainability. Read More

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Power Transformers

AAMTC offers a complete range of power transformers designed to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial, and commercial applications. Transformers are provided in accordance
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Distribution Transformer

We provide a wide range of transformers up to voltage classes of 33kV. While we cater exactly to our customer requirements, generally transformers produced here fall within two categories:Ground mounted and Pole mounted
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Conductor: Plain copper conductors Separator: Polyester foil or tape OuterSheath: Neopreneblack StrandingH01N-2D: AccordingtoVDE0295class5 Voltage: Working: Test: 100V 1000-V
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Oil & Gas

AAMTC has been an integral part of Oil and Gas equipment suppliers for more than five years. This experience has made us valued partners and experts, leading the way with the engineered solutions.
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