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The Company pioneered trading of products required for Electrical Power Projects, Transmission Lines and Agriculture in this region. The varied range of products sourced and supplied by AAMTC, over the years, has resulted in an impressive global network of suppliers in the industry thus allowing customers a single source agency for procuring products related to the Electrical Power generation, transmission and distribution, Oil & Gas industry. While the product range is unlimited, AAMTC's supplies primarily fall under one of these categories.

Emirates Transformers

  • Plan is underway for 100MVA, 220KV voltage class.
  • Power transformers from 2500KVA upto 40MVA, 72.5KV & including 31.5MVA 66KV conventional mineral oil cooled.

AAMTC offers a complete range of power transformers designed to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial, and commercial applications. Transformers are provided in accordance with the most demanding industry and international standards. Transformers can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Since our establishment, we have grown steadily over the years, gaining experience by being agents at first, Distribution Transformers and thereafter, moving in slightly higher rating Power Transformers. We provide a wide range of power transformers ranging from 5 mVA – 31.5 mVA. Over the years we have become a trusted provider and our services are rendered to various successful projects.


  • Distribution Transformer from 50kVA to 3200kVA up to 36kV, voltage class conventional mineral oil cooled.
  • Dual Ratio Transformers.
  • Earthing Transformers.
  • Rectifier Transformers.
  • Windmill Transformers.
  • Transformer for variable Speed Drive 6,12,18 or 24 pulse.
  • Electrical submersed pump with Multi-tap transformers.
  • Auto Transformers with voltage up to 36kV.
  • Phase Shift and Multi-tapped Transformers for ESP application for oil & gas.
  • Completely Self-Protected Transformers.
  • Transformer for Furnace Application.
  • Reactors.

We provide a wide range of transformers up to voltage classes of 33kV. While we cater exactly to our customer requirements, generally transformers produced here fall within two categories

  • Ground mounted
  • Pole mounted

For Pole Mounted transformers

  • HV/LV outdoor bushing on top cover.
  • HV outdoor bushing on top cover and LV cable box on the side.
  • Hermetically sealed or of breathing type with conservator.
  • Single or dual primary.

For Ground Mounted transformers

  • HV/LV cable boxes on the side.
  • Hermetically sealed or of breathing type with conservator.

Package Substations

Over the years we have developed a reputation in the market of being quality dealers. We provide a wide range of package substations which primarily comprises of the transformer, high voltage ring main unit and low voltage feeder pillar. Depending on customers' requirements, we can provide ring main unit and feeder pillar on opposite sides or on one side of the transformer. Furthermore, if required by the customer, we can also supply appropriate housing for the substation unit. The substations are completely weather proof and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The package substations come in the following combinations

  • Transformers with LV distribution board.
  • Transformers with HV ring-main unit (S F6 / Oil Type).
  • Transformers with LV distribution boards and HV ring-main units. ( S F6 / Oil Type)
  • On special requests , the HV side can also include a metering unit if required.
  • As an option , a disconnecting chamber can be offered for easy access.

Standard ratings of the transformers

500, 1000, 1500 KVA. Other ratings and combinations are available on request. The package substations can be supplied with or without housing. These package units result in substantial reductions in initial costs , space requirements and eliminate certain potential sources of problems.

Product Specifications
System Voltage Up to 17kV
Transformer Rating To be specified by the customer (From 250kVA to 1600 kVA)
LV Feeder Pillar To be specified by the customer
HV Ring Main Unit Oil Type / SF6 with Fuses / SF6 with Circuit Breaker
Type of Cooling ONAN
Specifications Products conform to DEWA / ADWEA / SEWA / KAHARMA - QATAR specifications
International Standards IEC 61330 / IEC 60076 / BS 171 / NEN 2761 / ANSI C57 Series / IEC 60439 / BS 5486

LV Switchgear (Low Voltage Switchgear)

Patel Trading offers a complete range of low voltage switchgear for secondary distribution developed from customer requirements.

Main & Sub Main Panels
Ratings Upto 4000 Amps
Incomers ACB, MCCB, Load Break Switch with or without metering.
Busbars H.C.H.D. Tinned Copper
Outgoings ACB, MCCBs, Fuse Switches, Fuses
Enclosure IP55/54, Sheet Steel Freestanding / Wall mounting Epoxy
Powder coated to Light Grey color RAL 7032
Motor Control Centers
Ratings Upto 4000 Amps
Incomers ACB, MCCB, Load Break Switch.
Busbars H.C.H.D. Tinned Copper
Outgoings Soft starters, Y-D, DOL , Autotransformer starters with fuses, MCB, MCCB, as backup protection
Enclosure Freestanding / Wall mounting, IP55/54, Sheet Steel/GRP


  • Feeder Pillars
  • Street Light Panels
  • Control Panels
  • Metering Cabinets
  • Capacitor Banks.

MV Switchgear (Medium Voltage Switchgear)

Patel Trading offers a complete range of medium switchgear for primary and secondary distribution developed from customer requirements.

Switchgear product categories

  • Ground Mounted Secondary Switchgear
  • Switchgear Automation
  • Rural & Substation Disconnectors
  • Power Connectors
  • Low Voltage Disconnectors
  • Low Voltage Cut Outs

Lucy Switchgear

Patel Trading offers a complete range of medium switchgear for primary and secondary distribution developed from customer requirements.

Automated Distribution Solutions

  • Remote Terminal Unit
  • Scada
  • Eart Falt Indicator
  • Ring Switch Motor
  • Extensible Double Oil Switch [DEOS]
  • Extensible Oil Switch [EOS]

Lucy Switchgear provides switching and protection solutions for electrical distribution systems. Our technology is at the cutting edge of mediem voltage switchgear design and innovation, specialising in both ground and pole mounted switchgear. Staying ahead of the competition with technical excellence and responsive after scale care, Lucy Switchgear has the capability to manufacture units for any location, climate or suitaion.

Tamco Switchgear    a Larsen & Toubro Group company

MV Air Insulated VCB Switchgear (12kV/17.5kV/24Kv/36kv)


Rated service voltage 12kV
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
LV Feeder Pillar To be specified by the customer
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 28/38kV
Rated impulse withstand voltage 75kV & 95kVp
Rated current of VCB 630~3150A
Rated impulse withstand voltage 75kV & 95kVp
Rated impulse withstand voltage 75kV & 95kVp
Maximum rating of busbars 3150A
Short time withstand current up to 50kA 3 seconds
Fully rated / fault-make integral earthing switch


  • Single and double busbar options.
  • Double-tier panel.
  • Metal enclosed switchgear, fully compartmentalized.
  • Closed-door circuit breaker operation option.
  • Arc-proof construction.
  • Horizontal isolation, horizontal drawout.
  • Circuit Breaker – floor level withdrawal / mid-panel mounting options.
MV Gas insulated VCD Switchgear (36-40.5kV)


Rated service voltage 36 - 40kV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage 70~85kV
Rated impulse withstand voltage 170 - 185kVp
Rated current of VCB 1250~2500A
Maximum rating of busbars 2500A
Short time withstand current up to 50kA 3 seconds
Fully rated / fault-make integral earthing switch


  • Single and double busbar options.
  • Horizontal isolation, horizontal drawout.
  • Totally sealed metal enclosed switchgear.


  • MV Modular Distribution Switchgear (12kV/17.5kV/24kV/36kV)
  • MV Neutral Earthing Resistors (up to 12 kV)

Package Substations

Hawker Siddely Switchgear

A market leader in 11kV switchgear, the Eclipse is designed to provide a lifetime of unrivalled service, bringing together one of the most advanced operating mechanisms available on the market today – the award winning magnetic actuator technology – with vacuum interruption and the simplicity of air insulation in a compact, fixed pattern design.

Appreciated throughout the distribution network and across every business sector, the Eclipse currently holds a dominant market position for indoor 11kV switchgear.

The Eclipse is also now available as a pre-engineered solution in ratings up to 25kA, 2000A. Alternatively, it can be fully engineered to meet exact customers needs.

  • Superior, proven Fit & Forget technology with minimal maintenance.
  • The fixed pattern design had the simplicity of air insulation and, with the low parts count (the total parts count has been reduced by a factor of x20 and the number of moving parts by a factor of x50), is more compact (500mm wide) than equivalent rated GIS equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly vacuum interrupters.
  • Internal Arc containment.
  • Superior operator safety with a fully interlocked design, animated front panel mimic and a front access cable test facility, ensuring secure but simple operation.
  • Voltage Presence Indication System (VPIS) is fitted as standard to all panels (circuit).
  • Reliable control – supplied with an integral control module, providing indication, trip circuit supervision and self-diagnostics.
  • Customers choice of protection.
Rated Normal Current 630/1250/2000A
Rated Voltage 12kV
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Rated BIL 75/95 kV pk
Rated Power Frequency Withstand 28/38 kV 1min
Rated Short-Time Withstand Current 20/25 kArms 3secs
Rated Peak Making Current 50/62.5 kA
Internal Arc Compliance 25 kA 1 sec
Rated Short Circute Breaking Current 20/25kA
Degree of Protection IP4X
Single Capacitor Bank Breaking Current 400A/1250A
Circuit Breaker Classification E2, S2, C2
Auxiliary Operating Supply 125/110/48/30V DC
Busbars Normal Current 1250,2000A
Typical Weight 500 - 650kg
Ambient Air Temperature -2°c to +40°C
Relative Humidity <95%
Altitude <1000m


IEC 62271-200, IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-102, IEC 62271-1, ENA TS 41-36
Quality Assurance Certified and accredited to ISO 9001 by AFAQ-EAQA


  • Leading manufacturer of heavy-duty Micro-Weld electric resistance butt and flash welders since 1928
  • Our welders are helping customers process wire, rod and cable in the most efficient manner worldwide
  • Unique robust design allows for simplicity of operation, repeatability and reliability for years to come
  • 50 models to choose from, custom design capabilities, and a wide variety of accessories


  • Experienced technical professionals manage every phase of production
  • In-house foundry to produce castings
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in our factory
  • We build our own uniquely designed heavy-duty transformers


  • Sample weld evaluation
  • Optimize customer’s welding processes
  • On-site service and training
  • Customized PM services


  • Knowledgeable sales staff to address your parts needs
  • Rapid response
  • Customized stocking program


J Series (5 Models)

0.8mm to 12.7mm diameter

Ceramic Fusion Butt Welders for Stranded Conductors :

GP Models (4): 0.12mm2 to 25mm2 Model HP-1: 10mm2 to 150mm2
Welders use ceramic sleeves for burr-free welding

AD Series Weld Large Diameter Wire/Cable :

Sleeveless welding of stranded conductors 27mm2 to 2500mm2 Solid conductors from 4.75mm to 45mm+

Fine Wire Butt Welders :

Models available for a wide range of sizes
Copper: From .177mm to 1.270mm diameter
Steel: From .127mm to 1.574mm
Weld very thin wire

Other Welders Available :
  • Flat Strip Butt Welders
  • Ring Welders
  • Steel Tire Cord Welders
  • Silver Solder Brazier
  • Electro-Cut Units for Cutting and Fusing Steel Cable & Rope
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Oil & Gas

AAMTC has been an integral part of Oil and Gas equipment suppliers for more than five years. This experience has made us valued partners and experts, leading the way with the engineered solutions today’s energy companies are looking for. From valves to fittings and life safety equipment to advanced technology components, we can help you keep exploring and producing at peak efficiency.

Our core strength comes from the diverse background and experience of our staff. Truly solution orientated, we are able to provide a number of cost effective internationally compliant applications to meet even the most challenging requirements of our clients. We aspire to become one of the leading regional Oilfield suppliers providing effective solutions to its valued customers.

We supply a wide range Transformers, Cables, Dielectric Fluids / Oil, Pipes and Tubes, Life Safety Equipment Testing, Flanges, Valves, Instrumental Items, Fittings and Accessories for oilfield, refinery, petrochemical plant, marine and industrial applications according to API 6A, 6D specification for various pressure classes and sizes and applications with own warehousing facilities in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai Investment Park, Ras Al Khour and a Multi-Million Dollar inventory of equipment related to the above supplies to meet the ‘Just In Time’ requirements of our various customers in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Asian Sub-Continent and so on.

Our Application Asset Management Solution enables real-time collaboration across the organization such as

  • Develop more informed plans for unit-based production dispatch
  • Plant operations and maintenance activities
  • Automate workflow and maintenance processes
  • Increase asset reliability, productivity and performance while improving efficiency and safety.

We can help you improve collaboration, monitor asset condition and proactively manage your inventory and assets. When you understand how your plants behave, you can intelligently evaluate and enhance your oil and gas operations to help reach your desired production levels, identify possible ways to reduce costs, mitigate risk, optimize outage scheduling and comply with environmental regulations more easily.

We are ISO 9001 quality management system certified, and uses state of the art CRM tools to optimize its value chain. The company's objective is to offer clients international expertise for local products, and ensure reliable excellence in infrastructure and projects. We believe in team work. Seamless coordination from marketing to sales to procurement; keeps our clients satisfied and their companies moving.

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Mobile Valve Repair Unit

The Service we provide and what makes us different and compatible to your needs is:

  • Highly Experienced and Trained Personnel
  • Wide range of capabilities and equipment
  • Accurate documentation and data Management
  • Technical support to our customers

The benefits of this container and onsite repair is:

  • Repair costs are only 5 – 35% of the procurement price of replacement valves
  • Maintaining stocks of all replacement valves ties up too much capital
  • The delivery times of replacement valves can be extremely long, which can cause serious (and therefore expensive) production problems.
  • The time taken to repair a large high-pressure valve that is welded into the system may be days, or even weeks

Repairing welded-in valves on site is much quicker than removing the insulating material from the valve; removing the valve from the pipeline system; transporting the valve to the workshop; welding an existing replacement valve into the system after preparing the pipe ends.

These are 40’ containers that can be brought to the site of your choice and can be rented for Days, Weeks and Months. The equipment that we have mounted on these containers are:

  • Water Tap Blasting and Cabinet
  • Grinding and Universal Latche Machine
  • Low and High Pressure Gas compressors, Including storage cylinders
  • Test crane and Nozzle remover
  • Grinding and Brushing Machine
  • Safety Valve and nozzle remover.
  • Accessories: Test Pressure gauges and pressure sealing plates.
  • Air Nitrogen Test up to 300 Bar (4350 psi)
  • Allowing water test up to 350 bar (5075 psi)

At Patel Trading Company, you are assured of quality service and reliability that comes in this business with the highest standards. We stand ready to assist in your requirements in servicing your valves in oil fields. We are aware of your needs and essentials, with the latest and most innovative materials, we are confident that we can support your overall objectives in a rapid response time and be able to have your focus on the core of your business and help your meet your tight schedules.

Busbar Riser Systems

We have always strived to make our company a competitive and a modern one. In our mission to introduce more and more new products, Busbar/busriser have been introduced. Busbar trunking has been around for a long time at least half a century. Even then, it was a useful alternative to cable, particularly for high current applications where the relatively unsophisticated insulating materials of the era meant that the cables would be bulky, difficult to handle, and susceptible to damage if used in adverse environmental conditions. In truth, however, those early incarnations of busbar trunking offered only a few of the benefits provided by today's benefit.

The range of the busbar we provide are from 400-6000A.Following are the few of the many advantages of busbar

  • Reduced System Costs.
  • Improved Reliability.
  • Increased Capacitance.
  • Eliminate Wiring Errors.
  • Low Inductance.
  • Low Impedance.
  • Denser Packaging.
  • Wider Variety of Interconnection Methods.
  • Improved Thermal Characteristics.

Furutec Busduct Systems

Having benefitted from more than a decade long of experience in producing under-licensed Furukawa busduct systems. Furutec is noted for its relentless and uncompromising commitment on quality and excellence as the Japanese manufacturing. Furutec HP and L-Duct busduct systems are produced in compliance with IEC60439-2, IEC60529:2001, BS5486:Part 2, BS6387:1994, JISC8364, JISA1304, etc. Today, we continue to innovate the product and have them fully tested under IEC60439-2.

Unique Feature: Double-Bolt Join Design:

  • Sufficient electoral contact area and constant contact pressure applied on busduct joint section.
  • Generate less heat due to 100% contact surface of overlapping conductors as compered with joint stack and bolt-trough joint design.
  • Maintenance free and earthquake proof.
Product Specification
Manufacturer Furutec Electrical
Country of Origin Malaysia
Model HP / HP-ES
Type Compact sandwich design
Compliance Standard IEC 60439-2 & IEC 60439-1
Rated Current 400A - 6300A (Copper)
600A - 5000A (Aluminum)
Rated Voltage 690V
Frequency 50Hz / 60 Hz
System Configuration 3P3W / 3P4PW / 3P5W
Neutral Size 100% of phase conductor
Type of Earth 50 % integral earth bar/housing ground
Insulation Material Polyester film
Insulation Class Class B (130 °C) / Class F (155 °C)
Insulation Voltage 1000V
Housing Material Electro Galvanized sheet steel with epoxy powder coat
Degree of Protection IP42/IP54/IP55/IP65/IP66/IP68

Station Battery & Chargers

Batteries Products:


  • Valve regulated Lead Acid
  • Flat plate
  • Plante
  • Tubular Plate


  • Ultra Low maintenance
  • Pocket-Plate
  • Low-Medium-High rate
  • Fibre Plate

Battery Chargers

  • UPS
  • Batteries-Supply
  • Emergency lighting

Following are few of the similar products that we deal in:

  • LP chargers and distribution panels
  • Single and duplex charging systems
    • Central Battery System
    • Switch Board Tripping & Closing System
  • Inverters
  • DC-DC converters
  • Frequency converters
  • UPS
  • Pb + Nicad batteries

We have a full range of products available for both single and three phase applications from a simple 100VA unit to a fully customised 2.4MVA system with autonomy to suit your requirements. PB Design provide a complete range of standby power solutions Thyristor chargers, Switchmode chargers, emergency lighting systems UPS, associated batteries of all types and enclosure systems.

Insulators & Pole Disconnectors

  • Porcelain Pin Insulators 11kV & 33kV.
  • Porcelain Disc Insulators 11kV & 33kV.
  • Stay Insulators 1kV, 11kV & 33kV.
  • Shackle & Bobbin Insulators.
  • Line Post Insulators 11KV, 33KV & up to 132 KV.
  • Silicon Rubber Insulators 11KV, 33kV & up to 220KV.
  • Pole Line Disconnectors 11KV & 33KV.
  • Surge Arresters 11KV & 33KV.
  • Cable: ALCATEL XLPE & PILC, 1KV, 11KV Copper & Aluminum.
  • Cable Joints & Terminations: Heat shrink type indoor & outdoor terminations, Cable joints for 1KV, 11KV & 33KV armoured cable.

Transmission Line Products

  • Cross Arms & Galvanized Steel and Structures like & Tie Straps.
  • Transmission line fittings & accessories like tension clamps.
  • P.G. Clamps & hardware accessories, distribution ties, Line taps etc.
  • Conductors: ACSR AAAC, XLPE / PVC covered Aluminum blocks, performed wire products etc.
  • Wood Poles & support fittings like Stay Rod kicking blocks, performed wire products etc.

Lugs, Glands & Accessories

  • Cable Lugs: Tinned copper, Aluminum as well as Bimetallic for cable size from 2.5 sq mm to 630 sq mm.
  • Cable Glands: Brass, steel compression type for 1kV, 11kV & 33kV armoured cables.
  • KWH Meter: Single Phase, Three Phase (Direct reading as well as C.T Operated).
  • Cutouts: House Service, Street Light & Pole mounted.
  • Fuses: 11kV for oil filled equipment & Air break Break disconnectors, 500V for Feeder Pillars, Cutouts DIN as well as BS standard.


RUBBER CABLES (H07RN-F- 750/450)

Flexible rubber insulated and sheathed cables 1 Core X 240sqmm and 300 sqmm


Conductor: Plain copper conductors Separator: Polyester foil or tape OuterSheath: Neopreneblack StrandingH01N-2D: AccordingtoVDE0295class5 Voltage: Working: Test: 100V 1000-V

TQ450-0361V (ORANGE) 1 CORE X 355 TO 1 CORE X 120SQMM

Conductors: Fully annealed flexible stranded bare copper Class 6 or 5 (above 120mm2 ) per BS 6360


Secondary voltage resistance welding lead for motors, generations and batteries, used in underground and open mines.


Cable Jointing & Cable Termination works up to 33 kV.
Plug in termination for GIS – up to 33 KV
Screened Elbow/T-Plug up to 33 KV
Screened Adapter – up to 24 KV
Heat Shrink Termination up to 66 KV
Cold Shrink joints up to 33 KV
Heat Shrink joints up to 33 KV
Hybrid joints up to 33 KV
Cable glands for MV


Specifications Cables as per BIS/ BS/IEC/ or any other international specifications
Grades 1100/600V,3.3/1.9kV
Core Single to 100
Cross Sectional area 1.5 to 1000
Conductor Aluminium / Copper
Insulation XPLE /PVC
Armour Aluminium / Galvanized Steel
Sheathing PVC/ PE /LSF


Specifications Cables as per BIS/ BS/IEC/ or any other international specifications
Grades 3.8 kV to 33 kV
Core single & three core
Cross Sectional area 35 to 1000
Conductor Aluminium / Copper
Insulation XLPE
Armour Aluminium / Galvanized Steel (Wire/Tape)
Sheathing PVC/ PE /LSF


Specifications Cables As per BS 6004 / BS 6500/ IEC 60227s
Core Single to 5
Cross Sectional area 1.0 to 4
Conductor Copper Flexible (Class 5)
Insulation PVC
Sheathing PVC


Specifications Cables as per BS 7211 / BS 6724/ BS 7835
Core Single to 100
Cross Sectional area 1.5. to 1000
Insulation XLPE
Armour Aluminium / Galvanized Steel
Sheathing LSF, Zero Halogen – no corrosive gas emission

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